Commercial and Residential Technology Solutions

What we do.

We offer a wide range of solutions that include but are not limited to the below items. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

  • Network solutions
  • Cable pulls

  • Hardware repair and solutions
  • Software assistance
  • Equipment installs

  • Mobile repair

Working with Apex Tek LLC

All modern businesses need efficient and reliable IT infrastructure – with it; your company will be able to thrive, competing against far larger businesses with larger budgets. Managing IT on-premises is more expensive and complicated than ever for small businesses operating IT equipment and services on their own.

Apex Tek LLC has been helping small business clients in Hardin, Logan, Union, and Hancock Counties to overcome their IT challenges and benefit from a truly optimized IT infrastructure without the overhead. We have deep technology expertise with a genuine understanding of the difficulties faced by small businesses as we are a local business ourselves. During consultations, we take all the time needed to hear your concerns and work with you to design efficient, affordable solutions that help you thrive as a business.


Get the right IT service and support